SonoSite Certified Pre-owned 

In-demand ultrasound systems at amazing prices

Fujifilm SonoSite point-of-care ultrasound systems are reliable, durable, and user-friendly. And we offer our Certified Pre-owned systems as an alternative to buying new.

We offer two types of Certified Pre-owned ultrasound systems with a wide range of clinical applications and transducer options.

Certified Pre-owned ultrasound systems for humans

Medical providers who understand the value of point-of-care ultrasound increasingly need access to high-quality ultrasound systems at a practical price.

Certified Pre-owned ultrasound systems for veterinary medicine

From small animal to equine medicine, veterinary ultrasound takes the guesswork out of diagnosis and treatment.

In-demand ultrasound systems at amazing prices

All of our Certified Pre-owned systems and transducers come standard with a SonoSite 1-Year Warranty, so you can purchase our equipment with confidence. The warranty offers the same comprehensive coverage that applies to new SonoSite ultrasound systems.*

The warranty covers:

  • Defects to the ultrasound system or SonoSite-manufactured transducers caused by internal malfunctions
  • Accidental transducer drops and/or failure to operate in accordance with specifications in the user guide
  • Loaner systems the next day (where delivery is available)
  • Additional coverage for your Certified Pre-owned investment is available with a  SonoProtect Service Agreement

* Please see SonoSite’s Terms and Conditions for detailed coverage information on warranty offerings. Terms may vary for veterinary products. Specific warranty exclusions apply. SonoSite will not honor warranty on products unless purchased from authorized distributors.

All Certified Pre-owned ultrasound systems undergo a 10-point inspection

Our commitment to quality is the same for both new and Certified Pre-owned ultrasound systems. All SonoSite Certified Pre-owned systems must pass a 10-point inspection before they are shipped to customers.

SonoSite’s 10-point inspection
SonoSite Certified Pre-owned
Unauthorized Distributor
2. Internal Hardware Diagnostics
Each system undergoes embedded diagnostics tests to confirm the integrity of the internal hardware, and to identify any repairs needed.
3. Software Patches and Upgrades
We update the software package on each Certified Pre-owned system, so you have all of the latest software and features available on your SonoSite ultrasound machine.

Each printed circuit board assembly is inspected and tested using internal hardware diagnostics. If any issues are found, we upgrade the hardware configuration to optimize performance.

All systems are meticulously disassembled and inspected. Standard wear items, such as hinges and select cables, are replaced. In addition, all mechanical hardware is evaluated and, if necessary, replaced.

Each machine is visually evaluated to assess interior and exterior surfaces. We want your system performing and appearing, like a new machine.

Each Certified Pre-owned ultrasound system must pass a complete multi-point functional test against current factory test limits, just like our new products.

All imaging modes and included transducers are tested by SonoSite sonographers, to ensure that image quality and system performance meet all clinical standards.

In addition to testing your machine, SonoSite reviews all of your system accessories, such as batteries, power supplies, and docks, to ensure that you receive a fully operational, premium point-of-care ultrasound system.

Only systems that pass every functional test are certified by a SonoSite ultrasound technician and shipped to a waiting customer.

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