Biological Safety Cabinets

1300 B2 Series

1300 B2 Series

◾ Contaminated air from the external environment id "totally exhausted," eliminating the risk of sample or user exposure to harmful chemicals.
◾ Auto compensation allows the safe use of optional inflow air prefilters.
◾ Timed UV light option reduces risk of sample contamination and lowers bulb replacement costs.
◾ 10° sloped window for ergonomic posture reduces strain and fatigue associated with long working hours.
◾ Convenient display shows when the cabinet is operating safely and when require service.


Ordering Information
Available in North America and Asia Pacific only. Canopy exhause connections available separately.

Exhaust system capable of drawing 665cfm for the 4'wide unit 998cfm for 6'wide unit against a negative static pressure of 1.5' w.g when the exhaust HEPA filter in new, and 2' w.g when loaded prior to replacement. Exhaust flow must be adiustable to allow for variation over the life of the exhaust HAPA filter.